Hello & Welcome!

We are delighted to have you here!

So, who are we, and why this blog? We are, from oldest to youngest: Kristin, Kim, and Katie. We decided on using our maiden name for the blog, hence We Three Shanes.

We have been talking about starting a blog for some time now so we are excited to finally see this idea come to fruition. Be that as it may, this dream of ours doesn't happen with out YOU. We are thrilled to begin this partnership! While we have a good amount of common ground between us, we each have specific skills as our area of expertise. Kristy's the organized one, Kim's the cook, and Katie's the crafty one. Collectively we make up ONE qualified blogger. We Three Shanes is a lifestyle blog so we will cover lots of topics such as organization, minimalism, frugal living, recipes, green living, DIY, decor and more.

In this world of social media and blogging, things tend to come across as "perfect". We want to tell you right now that we most certainly aren't. We are on a journey with you to get ourselves off the hot mess train that we're all on, in some form or another. So while our photos for our post might give the illusion that we've got it together we want to make sure you know we're not. This is where our "Keeping it Real" posts come into play. These will be the behind-the-blog posts that show the reality of things! If you want to see the "magazine" version of our lives then follow us on Instagram. You can also follow us on Pinterest and Facebook.

A little about us

We grew up in Baldwin Park, California, home of the first IN-n-out burger and ranked in the top 5% of polluted cities in CA.  If you’ve ever heard of Baldwin park it’s probably because you sped past it on the 10 freeway. We have all since moved away from the Los Angeles area, and currently live in different states; Kristin “Kristy” is in Utah, Kimberly “Kim” or “Kimmie” in Colorado, and Katie lives in Texas. We’re not really phone people but we text often (mostly inappropriate memes).


We frequently speak in TV or movie quotes. Some of our family's favorite movies are:

“I’m feeling skinny Tony!”

"We mustn't dwell. No, not today. We can't. Not on Rex Manning day!”

“I'm the Latina Marilyn Monroe. I've got more legs than a bucket of chicken!”

We Shanes are lovers of food (especially Mexican) and get accused of talking about food way too much at family events. We love Dr. Pepper and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.  We have loved thrift stores forever and must go thrift-store shopping when we get together. We grew up as dancers and enjoy music. When we get together we often end up laughing until we cry. We have lots of VHS of us doing crazy things that make us grateful we grew up in an era before cell phones or that shit could have gone viral. 


We grew up with modest means so we know how to be frugal.  My parents cleaned the studio we danced at in exchange for classes. My mom used to tole paint to help pay for Christmas and birthday presents and when we were very young she made our clothes. We get a lot of our craftiness from her which will definitely influence this blog.

In our young adult years we worked for my dad’s small cleaning business. We cleaned two car dealerships after hours.  Our dad would clean the smaller one by himself and us 3 sisters would clean the big one. We would blast music, eat junk food and drink Dr pepper. There would be lots of breaks to do old dance routines or other shenanigans (and every once in a while we use words like ‘shenanigans’). My dad knew we goofed off almost as much as we cleaned so he would often make deals with us.  If we finished before 11:45 pm, he would by us food from one of our favorite places, Tommy’s. Things always revolve around food with us.

We are all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons).  You might be surprised by that based on our demeanor but we are who we are. We won't change that for social media.  We cuss, we’re irreverent, we’re sarcastic, we’re not perfect, but we try to be good people. We loved youth activities and church dances growing up. We had the best group of friends at church. A nice lady at church once told our mom she loved watching our family crack up during church and she always watched to see how far into the meeting we made it before we were all busting up laughing. ( Our apologies to anyone who was not pleased by this.) 

We also have lots of differences which you will notice in our personal bios and as you start to get to know us and read our posts.  We hope as you read you will share your thoughts in our comments section. We want this blog to be about our real lives and we want the things we share with you to be authentic. We hope through sharing these parts of ourselves you will enjoy our posts, but also may find you are not alone in some of your struggles. There is already too much division in the world, so let’s do this together. Come be friends with the Shane sisters.  Subscribed to our newsletter so you don’t ever miss a know you want to.

Be Good!

Katie, Kim, & Kristy

P.S. A quick story. Every time we left the house our parents would say, "Be good!" and every time we'd reply with laughter. This is where our sign off comes from so remember to always, 'Be Good!"