Simple Ways To Organize And Store Your Scarves

No matter how organized your closet is, sometimes it is hard to figure out how to organize scarves. These simple scarf organizing tips and tricks will help you keep them not only organized, but look cute in your closet as well. 

Lots of colorful scarves hanging from clothes line with plastic shower curtain rings.


Clever Ways To Organize Your Scarves

Scarves can be such a great way to spice up any outfit and are often my favorite accessory.  Because they are such a fun way to do so, sometimes my scarf collection can get a little out of control, making it hard to keep them organized. 

Scarves being so small makes them hard to see them all at once and also have easy access to them.  But with how colorful and pretty scarves can be, they can brighten up any closet space or bedroom.  

Even a large collection can be organized in a way that keeps them within easy reach, with great storage options for when not using them. 

learn simple ways to help you organize and store your scarves.

Sorting Scarves

When trying to organize anything we have collected over time, there is a lot of sorting that has to happen before we can begin. For scarves there are 3 sorting methods we are going to talk about. You can use any or all three methods of sorting; that is sorting by style, color and/or season. 

  1. Sort Scarfs by STYLE: Maybe you have a lot of warm wool scarves.  Or perhaps you have a lot of delicate silk scarves.  Sort them by their style and so that when you are going for a particular look for an outfit, this can be the perfect way to find the one you need. 
  1. Sort by COLOR:  Marie Kondo organizes scarfs by color.  If you like your outfit to match closely with your scarf this is the easiest way to find a specific scarf color. It can also help find the perfect color when you are in a hurry to get dressed.  This will certainly help you coordinate your different looks. 
  1. Sort by SEASON:  You obviously are not going to wear your thick wool scarf in summer. Sorting them by thicker verses thinner scarves can grant you easy access.  Not to mention it easy for weather changes. Two days ago it was warm here and today it is quite chilly.  You never know when those weather changes will come. This can be the best way to go from day to day. 

Consider a Capsule Collection

If you are a minimalist or are trying to be one you may want to consider going through your scarves before you organize them, and using the capsule wardrobe method. To help you to stay organized you only keep a few scarves you really love that go with lots of outfits.

You can also incorporate what we talked about above with sorting.  Keep one for each season, in each color, or in each style. This is how I keep my own scarf collection from getting too crazy. It is a perfect solution for smaller closet spaces too. 

To Fold Or Not To Fold.

To fold or not to fold, that IS a great question. Another thing to think about before deciding on how to organize or store your favorite scarves is whether you want to hang them up or fold them.  

Some scarves might do well over time if they are hung up.  Others might be heavy and loose their shape if they hang all year long.  

Decide what is best for your scarves. This may mean you need to organize your scarves in two different ways if you have a wide variety.  

Maybe a scarf organizer that hangs and maybe another storage space for scarves where they can be folded and take up a small amount of space.  

It really just depends on the size of your closet and how many scarves you have. Whatever you have enough room for, and makes the most sense for you and your situation.

This could even mean a container for smaller scarves or a storage area for your larger ones that take up more space. 

lots  of colorful scarves tied and hanging.

Ways To Organize Scarves 

I had no idea until doing research that there were so many ways to organize your scarves. One of the best parts is there are lots of frugal ways to organize and store them.  Some of these ways are very creative or can be easily made with items from around the house. 

DIY Organizers

There are a few creative ways you can DIY storage for your scarves: 

Tension Rod

Using a tension rod or a shower curtain hanger is a great option for hanging scarves.  You can tie them around the rod or use shower curtain hooks or curtain rings to hang them.  This is also a fun way to color coordinate them in your room and have them displayed like art.

4 scarves hanging from a tension rod

Shoe Organizer

Use a cheap shoe organizer that hangs on the back of your closet door.  I love this cheap option and I love the idea of using a door shoe organizer to help you organize anything but shoes.  If you get a clear one you can see exactly which scarf you need and can easily grab it.

an over the door shoe organizer is hanging with scarves and socks inside of it.

PVC Pipe Organizer

If you like making things and being creative you can go to your local hardware store and grab a big PVC pipe.  Cut it down into 6 inch pieces and use these to house you’re scarves.  

Use them kinda like a drawer organizer.  Not only is this one a great option for people who like everything to be very neat and tidy, it is also very pleasing to look at.  

Shower Curtain Rings

Go to your local dollar store and buy some shower curtain rings.  Put the plastic shower rings on a hanger and slip the scarves through the rings. 

Scarves hanging from some plastic shower curtain rings

DIY Plastic Ring Hanger

Using a hanger and shower curtain rings like in the last suggestion, you can take the rings and zip tie them together (or use yarn and wrap them to make them pretty) and hang them off the bottom of the hanger in a pattern.  

They sell these organizers already made if you are not the DIY type.  But I made mine in a little over an hour for less than $5.

Blanket Ladder

Get a blanket ladder and lean it up against the wall and wrap or hang your scarves around it. Its a simple way to display them, while adding to the decor in your room. 

scarves hanging from a wooden blanket ladder leaning up against the wall.

Pants Hanger

You can purchase a pants hanger and use these for scarves instead.  Again I love the idea of purchasing something but using it for a purpose other than what it is sold for.

This is a good option if you have limited space in your closet and you do not have a ton of bulky scarves.  Cashmere scarves would be great for this option.

Scarves hanging in a closet using a pants organizer.

A Coat Rack

A coat rack is another creative way to display lots of scarves.

a wooden coat rack

A Wicker Basket

A cute wicker basket full of scarves would not only be a great option for small closets, it would also be cute. I think baskets always look cute in closet spaces.

a wicker basket full of colorful scarves

The Donut Method

Another way to store or organize scarves is called the donut method.  This might not work for all scarves but it works great for silk scarves and lighter summer scarves.  

You take the scarf and you fold in the end and then you just roll up the scarf kinda like a cinnamon roll or donut.  Once you get to the other end you just tuck it into the middle where you started.

These “donuts” can then be put into a drawer or basket or storage bin. 

colorful scarves rolled up and sitting next to each other in rows.

Marie Kondo Method

Many people are follow and are obsessed with Marie Kondo’s way of doing things. So how does she organize scarves? She folds them!

a stack of colorful, stacked scarves

After she folds them she stands them up right. You can put them in a drawer or a big basket like this.

You can put quite a lot of scarves in one place using her method. Plus they are still very easy to see so choosing which one you need shouldn’t be hard.

Creative and easy ways to store and organize scarves.

Organizing Scarves

Any way that you decide to organize your scarves should be great. Scarves are always just so pretty and colorful and should add to any outfit, as well as the space you display them in.

Do you have a way to organize your scarves that you love that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments because we would love to add it to the list. We love hearing from our readers.

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