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This 1 Tidying Tip Makes A Massive Difference

3 minutes or less is all you need for this one tidying tip that helps you easily contain the clutter and define your space. It’s insane how such a simple technique can make such a huge impact.


If you want a clutter free home then this is the number one tidy tip you should start with. One rule can make a huge difference in any part of your home. | We Three Shanes

Tidying Tip: The Art of Containment

When trying to keep your house looking neat and tidy, the things you keep your stuff in can be just as important as the stuff you keep.  Sometimes, all you need for your home to look more tidy is a nicer place to contain your stuff.

You can use trays, baskets, bowls, bags, and so much more to organize your things. Honestly, just about anything can go in a container to make it look more organized.

It makes it easier to put items away when all you need to do is put it in something. The clutter is no longer sitting out and you mostly focus on the cute container.

Containing Clutter: Before and After

I’m going to show you a couple of ways I contain my things through out my house. Hopefully, you can see how this one simple tidying tip makes a massive difference.

Containers in the Bathroom

We recently built and moved into a new home, so we are trying to find places for everything. We are lucky enough to have a larger counter in our master bath than we did in our previous place. Because of this, my husband likes to keep lots of the things he uses frequently on our bathroom counter.

There was no order to it, so it always looked a mess. I searched through my things I hadn’t placed yet and found a tray/dish that wasn’t going to be needed the same way it was in our old place. 

The items my husband liked to leave out were placed inside and it was a perfect fit. Everything is still out on the counter, but keeping it in that one little inexpensive container from Target makes all the difference.

Before and After of contained clutter. All the personal care items look messy sitting out on the bathroom counter but once they are set on the tray they look cleaned up and organized. It's a simple declutter trick that makes a huge difference. | We Three Shanes

Containers in the Kitchen

In my kitchen, soap containment was an issue. I like to keep both hand soap and dish soap at my sink, but I hate those commercial plastic bottles. I decided to use reusable containers for both and I’m so happy with the results.

A regular soap pump was used for the hand soap, and a glass oil dispenser for the dish soap. It looks so much better and in the long run I also spend less money. I buy my soap in bulk, and just refill my containers in my kitchen and bathrooms.

This quick Tidying Tip will help you easily contain the clutter and define your space.  It's insane how such a simple technique can make such a huge impact. | We Three Shanes

Look for ways to contain all of your things for a less cluttered look.

There are so many things you can contain through out your house to give it a cleaner more organized look.

I contain:

  • makeup brushes
  • tea light candles
  • blankets
  • mouth wash
  • q-tips

Simple containers make such a difference in the way basic items look. The plastic packaging of a mouthwash bottle doesn’t dictate my style, I get to determine that.

Everything needs a space. Now it’s not just blankets everywhere all the time.  At the end of the night, they have a place to go.

Sometimes this art form can even keep things safe, my dishwasher tabs are safe if my sink ever sprung a leak. Bonus, my cat is safe because he can’t try to eat them.

This quick Tidying Tip will help you easily contain the clutter and define your space.  It's insane how such a simple technique can make such a huge impact. | We Three Shanes

Cute containers is such a quick way to add style and a clutter free look to your house. Plus, it’s something you can take your time doing but it still makes a difference. Start with one thing and be happy with that. Continue to work your way through your house until everything eventually has a home in a new container. 

A visually organized home makes me feel better and less stressed. Take a few minutes to try it out, I don’t think you’ll regret it. What do you think you can contain to give your house more order and a more organized sense of style?

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