Easy DIY Beard Balm Recipe (Natural Conditioning Wax)

Learn how to make this DIY Beard Balm with easy instructions that any one can follow. Nourish the hair and the skin underneath the beard with these natural, clean ingredients.

Easy DIY Beard Balm in a small, round tin, with free printable labels


DIY Beard Balm

Beards are all the rage these days. My husband has one and I love it! But did you know that beards take work to keep them looking and feeling nice? Having soft facial hair is important. Just ask anyone who’s ever kissed a bearded man. Facial hair can get really coarse and dry and the skin underneath can get sensitive and itchy if it is ignored. This is why you need beard balm, for a healthy beard.

Simplify your man’s beard upkeep by learning how to make your own beard balm at home. It’s full of natural ingredients that will nourish the hair and skin underneath.

DIY beard balm is so easy to make. It's great at softening and taming beard hair and nourishing the sensitive skin underneath. | We Three Shanes

Beard Balm Ingredients

If you have been following our blog for a while and like to make our DIY home beauty products, you will most likely have these ingredients on hand. A lot of home made products have the same ingredients.

Let’s go over what is in this balm and why.

picture of different ingredients for our homemade beard balm.

Shea Butter

  • helps soften and smooth dry skin
  • helps reduce skin swelling
  • treats acne and blemishes
  • can help reduce wrinkles and facial lines
  • reduces razor irritation and bumps
  • repairs hair damage
  • can prevent hair loss
  • treats split ends


  • creates a protective layer on skin
  • helps keep the skin hydrated
  • is a natural exfoliator which means it gets rid of dead skin
  • can’t harm your skin in any way
  • excellent source of vitamin A which is essential in skin health
  • protects skin from environmental damage
  • can treat acne
  • relives itching
  • great for shaping a beard or mustache

Cocoa Butter

  • protects skin from premature aging
  • prevents sun damage
  • moisturizes skin and beard hair
  • helps reduce scars
  • relieves sensitive skin issues
  • can help diminish dark spots
  • helps clear up acne
  • aids in reducing hair loss
  • helps reduce skin inflammation

Red Raspberry Seed Oil

  • has the ability to absorb UV light and can help protect from the sun
  • anti-inflammatory
  • helps slow aging skin and can help prevent cancer
  • keeps skin moisturized
  • repairs skin damage from sun or other environmental factors

Jojoba Oil

  • leaves hair soft and shiny
  • won’t irritate skin
  • contains proteins, vitamins and minerals
  • contains antioxidants and nutrients
  • won’t clog pores
  • helps balance skins natural oils
  • help slow signs of aging
  • helps treat damaged hair
  • hair growth booster
From left to right; peppermint essential oil, rosemary essential oil and cedarwood essential oil

Peppermint Oil

  • kills germs
  • stops itching
  • relieves pain
  • anti-inflammatory

Cedarwood Oil

  • treats acne
  • helps reduce pain
  • helps with stress and anxiety
  • aids in hair growth
  • has antibacterial properties

Rosemary Oil

  • stimulates hair growth
  • helps relieve pain
  • helps increase circulation
  • helps inflammation
  • helps fight cancer

I realize that’s a lot of ingredients to buy if you don’t already have them. You don’t have to use all of them but you’ll get the best beard balm if you do.

If you need to cut back on ingredients, stick with the beeswax, one of the butters, the jojoba oil, and at least one of the essential oils. These are the basic ingredients that you need for a good beard balm.

Beard Balm Ingredient Swaps

Now there are also some swaps you can make in case of an allergy or based on products you already have at home.

  • You can swap the shea butter or cocoa butter with mango butter. It has similar properties as shea butter and doesn’t have a strong scent like the cocoa butter. We use it in our homemade body butter and it’s amazing! Love the stuff!
  • You can swap jojoba oil for avocado oil, olive oil, argan oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil or sweet almond oil.
  • Swap bee wax for candelilla wax or carnauba wax if you want to this to be a vegan beard balm recipe.
  • Raspberry seed oil could be swapped for vitamin e oil.
  • Essential oils aren’t necessary at all but the ones I choose are all great for skin and hair. You can leave them out all together or swap them for others. You can even choose based off smell alone.

Some people think their beard balm must smell like pine needles and whisky for it to be manly enough. Whatever floats your boat.

You can check out our post all about The Best Essential Oils for Beards to get other ideas for different essential oils that work for your personal needs.

It’s even got beard oil recipes so you make some to match your own beard balm recipe. A beard oil is great to use at night or right after a shower and the beard wax is great for taming the beard in the morning. Both are beneficial beard care products and can be used together.

Homemade Beard Balm Recipe

This DIY beard balm recipe is so simple to make. It’s just melt, mix, and pour.

Step 1 – Using the double boiler method you want to melt the butters and beeswax together.

a picture of melted butters and beeswax in a pyrex mixing bowl

Step 2 – Add in the red raspberry seed oil and jojoba oil.

Step 3 – Take off of the heat and stir to combined. Add in 5 drops each of all 3 essential oils and stir again.

Step 4 – Pour into 1 ounce tins or a small container. Let cool to room temperature.

It's super easy to make your own beard balm at home with natural ingredients that are great for beard hair and the skin underneath. | We Three Shanes

How to Use Homemade Beard Balm

You should always wash hands before using homemade products so you don’t introduce bacteria into them. Remember, there aren’t any preservatives in this natural beard balm recipe. If you use clean hands then the balm will last until it’s gone.

When ready to use, take a small amount of beard balm and rub it on the tips of your fingers. Rub it into the skin under the beard hair and then run it through your beard. It works like a leave-in conditioner and also shapes unruly hair.

This can be used daily to help promote hair growth, help calm the skin underneath and to help shape your beard. However it can also be used once or twice a week for basic upkeep. Either way you’ll see a difference in your beard in the long run.

The smell is great. Nice and refreshing but still manly.

Free Beard Balm Labels

Need some cute labels for your homemade beard balm? We’ve got some for you. Just click the download button below and you’ll be able to print the pdf.

It’s always fun to add a label if your are making beard balm as a gift.

Homemade Beard Balm

If your man has never used a beard balm before then they are in for a real treat with this recipe. Not every guy, especially beard wearing bros, realize how much a balm can calm a crazy beard and make it look amazing. Not to mention, make it kissable, soft.

This DIY Beard Balm makes a great gift for the beard wearers in your life. It’s great for Father’s day, birthdays, anniversaries, stocking stuffers. Homemade gifts are always special.

What do you think? Will you be making some beard balm for any special guy in your life? Let us know how you like it in the comments below. We love hearing from our readers.

DIY Beard Balm

This DIY Beard Balm is super simple to make and helps maintain a beard and the skin underneath.
Prep Time0 minutes
Active Time5 minutes
cooling time1 hour
Yield: 1 2 oz tin
Cost: $2


  • 1 double boiler or a pan and a pyrex bowl or measuring cup
  • 1 spoon for stirring


  • 1/2 tbsp Beeswax
  • 1 tbsp Shea Butter
  • 1/2 tbsp Cocoa Butter
  • 1 dropper Red Raspberry Seed Oil
  • 2 tsp Jojoba Oil
  • 5 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Rosemary Essential Oil


  • Using a double boiler you want to melt the butters and beeswax until melted.
  • Add in the red raspberry seed oil and jojoba oil. If you do not have red raspberry seed oil you can substitute with sweet almond oil or add a tiny bit more jojoba oil.
  • Take off of the heat and stir to combined. Add in 5 drops each of all 3 essential oils. Stir to combine.
  • Pour mixture into a cute little container and let cool.


When ready to use, take a small amount of beard balm and rub it on the tips of your fingers. Rub it into the skin under beard hair and then run through your beard.
It’s always a good idea to wash hands before using natural products so you don’t introduce bacteria into them. 

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