Keeping in Shape with the Fitness Marshall

Working out is essential to staying healthy. But having something fun to do makes it more likely that you’ll keep up with it. That is where the Fitness Marshall comes in.


Get a great workout at home with this list of the newest and best Fitness Marshall routines on YouTube. | We Three Shanes

Staying in shape with the Fitness Marshall

A few years ago I told y’all about my secret to WANTING to work out and not gain weight over the holidays. It was dancing with the Fitness Marshall on youtube. I absolutely love doing his videos.  Not only are they fun, but he is hilarious as well.  And boy do I sweat like crazy and enjoy myself while I do it.

I know what some of you are thinking.  I can NOT dance.  It doesn’t matter. Here’s what’s great about the Fitness Marshall:

  1. He uses popular songs you know and want to dance to.
  2. Most routines are super simple and a lot of fun to do. 
  3. Fitness Marshall repeats steps which makes dance routines easy to follow.
  4. His background dancers do easier versions of the routines a lot of the time so you can follow them if you need to.
  5. Dance workout videos are FREE on Youtube so no spending money to stay in shape.
  6. You can workout at home which also means you can take this work out anywhere. 
  7. If you have no rhythm and are embarrassed by how you might look, do them in your bedroom with the door closed.

Who Is The Fitness Marshall?

Caleb Marshall started his Youtube channel 6 years ago. His dance style workout videos gained popularity because they are fun routines that anyone can follow and because Caleb is hilarious.

The Fitness Marshall has always been very inclusive on his channel. You’ll find all levels of back up dancers in his workout videos to give you easier step options making it easier for anyone to follow along.

His popularity has grown tremendously. The Fitness Marshall channel has over 3 million subscribers now.

Caleb also has a website now as well. You can find his monthly membership program there that gives you more videos which is cool if you need more inspiration for getting in shape. And Caleb also does tours now so you can catch him live for a workout experience you’ll never forget.

If paying for a program isn’t your style then you can still get plenty of free content on his youtube page. A new workout out video is added every week.

Don’t want to do a bunch of dancing while pregnant? I found these pregnancy ab exercises you can try instead.

A List of the Best Fitness Marshall Routines

It has been a while since I posted a list of my favorite workout routines and Caleb, aka the Fitness Marshall, is constantly updating his channel with fun new dances.

I have a few list with updated dances for you to try. That way you don’t even have to fish through them all. Just pick a few from songs from one of the lists I provide. Then have fun and get sweaty.

Easy and Fun Fitness Marshal Routines

These dance workouts are great for beginners because they have simple moves and are a ton of fun. If you do a couple of these videos you’ll still get a good workout.

  1. Tick Tock- Clean Bandit and Mabel
  2. Levitating- Dua Lipa
  3. Dip-Tyga feat. Nicki Minaj
  4. Truth Hurts- Lizzo
  5. Naked- Jonas Brothers 
  6. I Don’t Care- Ed Sheran Justin Bieber
  7. Bury a Friend -Billie Eillish
  8. Mothers Daughter- Miley Cyrus
  9. Pony Ginuwine
  10. Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake ( this has an easy version and a harder one )

Sexy Routines From the Fitness Marshall

Bring out your inner diva with these sexy workout routines.

  1. Throw a Fit-Tinashe
  2. Whoopty- CJ
  3. Cono- Jason Derulo
  4. Hot Girl Summer- Megan Thee Stallion, Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign
  5. Hyo’ Dessert- Feat. Loopy, Soyeon
  6. Rain on Me- Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande
  7. Pony- Ginuwine
  8. Look At Her Now- Selena Gomez
  9. 7 Rings- Ariana Grande
  10. Sally Walker- Iggy Azalea

Harder Workout Dances

What to burn some serious calories? Then this is the list for you. These are high energy dance workouts. You’re going to do some major sweating but you’re also going to have a great time!

  1. Only Want to Dance With You- Kesha
  2. Got Me Good- Ciara
  3. MIC Drop- BTS
  4. Saweetie- Tap In
  5. WOW- Post Malone
  6. Baby Girl- Bryce Vine feat. Jeremiah
  7. Baby, I’m Jealous- Bebe Rexha
  8. WAP feat Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B
  9. Me Gusta- Anitta feat. Cardi B and Mike Towers
  10. Positions- Ariana Grande
Get a great workout at home with free workout videos from The Fitness Marshall. Easy, sexy, and harder song list to find the best routines for you. | We Three Shanes

Fun Workouts From Home

My husband loves when I do Fitness Marshall. For him it’s like watching a show. I tell him, I’m going upstairs to do Fitness Marshall and he hears, “I’m putting on a free show for you” and he goes upstairs and lays on the bed and watches me while playing on his phone.

Just wanted to say that I’ve given a Kid Friendly Fitness Marshall list in another post. This time around I didn’t do that so be cautious of that before trying any of these in front of your kids. Fitness Marshall usually bleeps curse words but the song itself might have adult content.

So what do you think? Will you be giving Fitness Marshall a try? I would love to hear in the comments what your favorite routines are of his.

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