Stay in Shape Over the Holidays with This Simple Solution


 Don’t gain weight this Holiday season! It’s easier said than done, am I right? What if I told you there was a simple way to keep the pounds away and have fun while you’re at.  Keep reading to find out my secret!


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Staying in Shape Over the Holidays with This Simple Solution


Did you know that the average person gains between 8 and 10 pounds during the Holiday season?  That is insane people!  So every year we aren’t careful and we go nuts over the holidays, we have an extra 8 to 10 pounds for the New Year.

No wonder everyone has a New Year’s resolution to lose weight.  What if instead of gaining weight during the holidays we could maintain?  What if on top of that, we could have FUN doing it?  Yes, Please!

I am here to tell you that not all workouts are boring.  Exercising is so hard.  You have to put different clothes on and for us ladies that involves a sports bra. Ugh! They are the worst.  

I have to wear two of them when I am exercising and if I’m going for a run…….forget it!  Those puppies need 3.  And they are such a pain to get on and off.  And tight pants….you get the point.  I ain’t got time for that!


Don't gain weight this Holiday season! It's easier said than done, am I right? What if I told you there was a simple way to keep the pounds away and have fun while you're at.  Keep reading to find out my secret! | We Three Shanes



So What Do We Do Then to Stay in Shape Over the Holidays?

I have found a workout that is SO fun. 

  • Any time I do not want to work out 
  • Do not want to put cute work out clothes on
  • DO NOT want to get all sweaty and gross….but do it anyways because I really enjoy it!

What to know my secret?

It’s FITNESS MARSHALL on youtube!

Y’all!!!!  He is amazing!  He is this super funny, guy who can out dance most.  He has created SO many fun dances for us to work out with.

I know what some of you are thinking.  I can NOT dance.  It doesn’t matter. Here’s what great about Fitness Marshall:

  1. Most routines are super simple and a lot of fun to do. 
  2. Fitness Marshall repeats steps which makes routines easy to follow.
  3. His background dancers do easier versions of the routines a lot of the time so you can follow them if you need to.
  4. His routines are FREE so no spending money to stay in shape.
  5. You can workout at home which also means you can take this work out anywhere. 
  6. If you have no rhythm and are embarrassed by how you might look, do them in your bedroom with the door closed.

See there’s really no reason not to try him out. 

Bonus, he has dances for everyone!  My kids will do some of them with me and they think he is hilarious too.  What got me started on him was someone’s post of this video of Fitness Marshall dancing to Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too”.

If you can watch that with a straight face and not crack up, then I’m not sure what to tell you.  My kids and I go around all the time saying “Take it to church”.

If your other excuse was, “I’m too big to dance” note the size of the dancer on the right.  ANYONE can dance ladies and gentlemen.  No matter your size.  And she looks fabulous doing it!


Fitness Marshall Routines to Stay in Shape this Holiday Season

Fitness Marshall has been around for quiet a while now so there are a ton of routines you can choose from. I’m going to break some routines down into a couple convenient lists for you.

Of course as new songs come out new routines are added to his youtube channel so you’ll want to keep up with Fitness Marshall by liking his page to get his new dances.


Kid Friendly Routines to Stay in Shape

So even though Fitness Marshall is hilarious and so fun, not all of his dances or comments he makes during the dances are kid appropriate.  NO ONE wants to be in that awkward situation with their kids when something inappropriate is said or done and you have to explain it.

Have NO fear!  I have found kid friendly dances for you and your littles to try.  Just remember that my level of appropriate and your level of appropriate might be different so please check the dances before doing them with your kids.

One time I told Kim I thought my nephew would like a certain dance.  And he would have!  But then the next time I did the dance I listened to the words and OH MY GOODNESS they were not kid appropriate!

Thankfully she hadn’t done the dance with him yet.  So again, MY level of appropriate might not be the same as yours and take caution.


Kid Friendly Dances:

Meghan Trainor “Me Too” 

Justin Timberlake “Can’t Stop the Feeling”

Jason Derulo “Goodbye” 

Kesha “Only Wanna Dance With You”

Anne Marie “2002” 

Bruno Mars “Perm”

Michael Jackson “Thriller”

Fifth Harmony “Worth It” 

Sia “Cheap Thrills”

Britney Spears “My Only Wish This Year”


Sexy Routines to Stay in Shape

One thing I love about Fitness Marshall’s dances is that a lot of them can be sexy.  I feel sexy when I do them which is a plus for me and also for my husband.  

Sometimes I tell him “I’m going upstairs to do some Fitness Marshall”  and he hears, “I’m putting on a sexy show for you, come watch.”  Haha!  He will come up stairs and play on his phone and watch me work out. 

I don’t mind and he loves it.  It brings us closer and I’m burning calories.  Yes!  So here are my list of go to sexy dances. I saved the best for last on this list…and by best I mean the dirtiest so be prepared!


Sexy Dances:

Beyonce “Naughty Girl”

Portugal “Feel It Still”

Ariana Grande “Into You”

Dawin “Dessert”

S&M Remix 

DJ Snake “Taki Taki”

Trey Songz “Animal” 

Beyonce “Baby Boy”

Iggy Azalea “Kream”

Ty Dolla “Or Nah ( remix )” 


Really that sexy list could go on and on folks but I’m trying to keep these at 10 each.  


High Calorie Burn Routines to Stay in Shape

So now what’s next? Well how about if you are just in the need to dance your little booty off and sweat like cray and burn lots of calories?  Yup, he has those dances too.

 Some of these dances might be repeats but they are super big energy, lots of movement type dances.  I can almost guarantee that when I dance full out my arms, neck and thighs are sore the next day for sure!


High Calorie Burn Dances:

Cardi B “Bartier Cardi”

Usher “Yeah!”

Sia “Move Your Body”

Jason Derulo “Get Ugly”

Raven Felix “Hit the Gas”

Ciara “Got Me Good”

Ariana “Side to Side”

Fifth Harmony “Worth It”


Ariana Granda “Into You”



Katie’s List 

And Lastly…..This is MY List.  It changes occasionally but these are my go to dances with a good mix of sexy, sweaty, high calorie burn but most importantly FUN! You can burn between 500-600 calories with this list.



 My List:

 Usher “Yeah”

 S&M Remix 

Beyonce “Naughty Girl”

Portugal The Man “Feel It Still”

Trey Songz “Animal” 

Raven Felix “Hit the Gas”

Fergie “M.I.L.F. $ “

 Ariana Grande “Side To Side”

 Sia “Cheap Thrills”

 Ty Dolla $ign “Or Nah Remix”

 Jason Derulo “Get Ugly”

Cardi B “Bartier Cardi”


So what do you think?  You ready to stay in shape this holiday season by shaking your booty and having fun?!  I know I am.


Keep in mind that working out isn’t the only thing you can do to keep holiday weight at bay but it’s a great start to keep the weight off. Plus it sets you up with a healthy habit to begin the year with.

PS…Don’t forget to pin this so you can work out to your favorite list again and again.

Don't gain weight this Holiday season! It's easier said than done, am I right? What if I told you there was a simple way to keep the pounds away and have fun while you're at.  Keep reading to find out my secret! | We Three Shanes


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