Fun Daddy Teenage Daughter Date and Activity Ideas

Learn about fun and different date ideas and activities for your teenage daughter and father to do together to help create a special bond and make memories.

Young woman trying to fix a flat tire on a car


Fun Daddy Teenage Daughter Date Ideas

A bond between a Dad and his Daughter can be really special. It is important to nurture that bond as they grow into women and go through puberty. Having one-on-one time doing something together alone can be a great way to have quality time together.

Sometimes it is hard to come up with new things to do with teen girls that both dad and daughter find fun. The most important thing is that you are spending time together and building that trust and relationship. However bonus points if you both have a lot of fun creating that special bond. 

Let’s make a perfect opportunity for building that father-daughter relationship and also teaching your daughter about life and building healthy relationships with other people. These can include things SHE loves as well as things DADDY loves. Everybody wins. 

Daddy-Daughter Date Ideas

When coming up with a list of exciting activities for father daughter date ideas, we want to think about: 

  • A fun activity
  • Creating a special occasion 
  • Providing a great opportunity for bonding
  •  Helping her create or develop a new skill
  • Have a friendly competition 
  • Spend a lot of time nurturing your relationship

Basically we want it to be fun, educational, special, relationship building and did we mention fun?  Really anything can be one or all of these things if done with the right intentions. 

Just remember that teenagers can be difficult at times. I know because I have a teenage daughter, and I WAS a teenage daughter at one point in time. The teen years can be difficult, with navigating emotions and hormones. This can be very confusing. 

Kids of all ages just want to heard and loved. Your teenage daughter just wants to have a special time on her daddy daughter dates. 

Teenage daughter and father date night ideas such as volunteering together or teaching your daughter a life skill.

Daddy-Daughter Dates

Here is a list of some ideas you can explore together with your little girl. Some might not apply to you and your interest but this list should have something for everyone to try together for a fun way to have a great time together. 

Go To A Shooting Range

This is not for everyone, but a lot of people have guns in their home. Taking your teenage girls to a shooting range is a great way to show them and teach them how to properly load, shoot and care for a gun.  

Even for those people who do not own guns and keep them in your home. This could be a fun thing you learned to do together. A lot of shooting ranges have classes you can take on gun safety.  

When you go shooting you usually have the option to keep the range poster you shot at. What teenage girl wouldn’t love showing any teenage boy in her life how many times she hits her target?!  

It’s a new twist on the whole having dad sitting on the porch cleaning his gun when the boy shows up to take her on a date. She can show him that she knows how to take care of herself. 

a young woman learning how to shoot a gun at the gun range

Take a Self Defense Class

How fun would it be to take a self defense class together?!  I think every woman should know how to fight back and feel empowered. And how cool would it be if you and your dad did that together?

I think it would be awesome for a dad to see his teen daughter learn how to defend herself as well. It could help him feel better about her being off in the world. It could also help her feel better protected. 

Go To A Concert

I do not know anyone who doesn’t like music. Music can be a great option to bond with your daughter. Share music from your teen years or have her share her favorite music with you.  

We took our kids to see AJR last year and it was so much fun. I loved seeing how their faces lit up and the pure joy they had singing along to the songs. It is all about creating memories and I hope my kids look back on that day and have fond memories of fun things we did. 

Watch Live Theatre

My kids and I all did theater in high school so we love going to watch live plays and musicals. However my husband was more of a jock and guess what?  He STILL loves going to see live theater with us. I feel this is one idea that almost everyone enjoys.

Depending on the type of play you go see, you can get all dressed up fancy and make it a formal event as well. Teenage girls love getting dressed up and feeling fancy. 

Take Her To Get a Makeover 

Some people might read that and think, that should be a mother daughter date. But why? I think a teenage girl would feel special if her father took her for a makeover. This might not apply to every girl but I feel the majority would love this daddy-daughter date idea.

Volunteer Together

Pick cause you both care about such as an animal shelter or a nursing home and go volunteer your time there.  Helping other people or animals is such a great way to bond. This could even become a regular thing you decide to do together in your spare time. 

A father and his daughter volunteering together by cleaning up near a lake.

Redecorate Her Room

Take your daughter to Home Depot and look at paint samples. See if maybe she wants to repaint her room. Take samples home and help her decide what she wants.  

My daughter turns 15 in a few weeks, and she asked if she could redecorate her room for her birthday. When girls get to the teenage years they often don’t want a little girl room any more. They want to feel grown up. 

This would be a fun dad-daughter date that could actually take up several dates. Make a project list and get things started.  

Teach Her How To Fix A Flat Tire

Some teenage girls will not like this idea. However, it is super important that girls learn things like this in case they ever have a roadside emergency. This is another perfect way to help empower your daughter.

Women like to know they can take care of themselves if they need to. Knowing that she can change a flat tire if she ever needed to is a great way to build her self confidence when she starts driving. 

Teach Her How To Drive 

This one is not for the faint of heart. Teenagers, especially younger daughters can get emotional easily. This is especially true when they get frustrated. If you make a date of it, and make it fun, it could take the pressure off of you both.

On a Saturday morning when traffic is low, go get some breakfast and talk about driving rules while eating. Then maybe find an empty parking lot, like at a school or church and practice using the brakes and the gas.  

Help her get comfortable and remember to give lots of compliments, and smile, even if you are scared out of your mind.  

Make a TikTok or Reel Together 

Many teens these days have social media and participate in tiktoks and reels. See if she wants to make one with you. You can search popular ones together, come up with a plan and then make it.

This could be a super fun thing to share together, and you will have something physical to look back on later. Also it is a great opportunity to take a look at her social media account and talk about online safety. 

Cook Dinner Together

This fun daddy-daughter date idea can be broken up into two dates or one longer date. You can plan out your meal together and go grocery shopping. Then come home and make the meal. Or break that into two different dates.

This is also a better way to get her involved in the date night planning. Have her research and pick a meal, then you two can shop and cook together. 

A teenage girl and her dad learning how to cook a meal together on a lap top

Play Video Games

Not all the daddy daughter date ideas have to be a big deal. For this one you can wear casual clothes or even pajamas, and have some of your favorite junk food and just play your favorite video games together. Make sure you take turns playing your favorite games. 

Home Spa Night

Here is another great idea for a relaxing night at home. It’s also a good way for her to help plan your dates. Have her research some recipes and things she wants to do for your home spa.

There are TONS of recipes on the internet with homemade facials, foot soaks and rubs and hair masks. We even have a post on how to make a Homemade Spa In A Jar as a gift, but you can make one for yourself too!

It is sure to be a good time especially because Fathers want to relax and feel special too. You can pamper each other and make one another feel loved right in the comfort of your own living room.

Get Mani Pedis

If at home spa night isn’t your thing, go out and get mani-pedis. I love the idea of a father teaching their daughters to change tires and shoot guns. But I also love the idea of dads showing girls that it is okay for men to take care of themselves too.  

Sometimes we need to remind each other that everyone needs to feel special and taken care of, and everyone needs a chance to relax and unwind. 

Make A Stop Motion Video Together

This is not for everyone but I want this to be a list with lots of options. One time my son was home sick from school and him and I made a stop motion video together and it was so fun.  

This could be as easy or as complicated as you want. Have fun and let the creativity flow!

Movie Date Night

It’s definitely okay to stick to classics as well as have unique daddy-daughter date ideas. Sometimes popcorn and a movie is just a must. Pick a movie together and let her buy snacks that maybe you don’t want to spend money on when the whole family goes. 

A movie theatre filled with people watching a movie on the big screen

Go For a Hike

If you like to be outdoors a hike is a great way to get out, get some exercise, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Maybe pack a lunch and have a picnic too! Take pictures, breathe the fresh air and get some much needed vitamin D.

Do a 5k Together

For those who love sports and being fit, find and train for a 5k to do together. Maybe even find one that is for a charity or fund raiser. It’s all about making memories.

Watch a Preprofessional Sporting Event

We have season tickets to our local professional basketball team. My husband and I go for date night and we love it. But my daughter kept asking when she could go as a date night for her and her dad.

We found one that was perfect for the two of them and she got to go instead of me. She asked him for popcorn and drinks and she had a blast! Don’t forget that girls enjoy sports too.

Go To An Amusement Park

For those thrill seekers out there, take your daughter to an amusement park. Do the things you don’t normally do as a family at those places.  

Let her play games, buy yummy food and pick something like a t-shirt or a cup that will help her remember her special time with her dad.


Ice Cream Date or Dessert Night

My kids love sweets so taking our daughter out to get dessert would be amazing for her.  When you are doing only dessert it is much easier to get bigger and more exciting things. Go all out and don’t let all the sugar stop you.

One thing my family loves to do is people watch. Maybe take your dessert outside and eat it while watching people.  Or maybe have your dessert inside, and walk it off in the park while people watching. Both are great options.

A father daughter on a date to get ice cream and they are trying to decide what toppings they want

Check Out a Museum 

Museums can be such cool places to explore but I feel they don’t get used as much as they used to.  See if there is a museum near you and take take your daughter.  

Ask her questions while you are there together. After you leave on the drive home ask her what her favorite part was and why. Discuss what you saw and get to know her point of view better.  

Talking is one of the best way to get to know your daughter and how she feels. 

Visit a Pet Store or Animal Shelter

If you daughter loves animals, a fun thing to do together would be to visit an animal shelter or a pet store.  Pet all of the animals and get to know them.  

Walk around and ask questions about the different types of animals and what makes them special.

Build Something Together

Does your daughter need a new dresser or book shelf? Or maybe she wants a shoe organizer. Go to IKEA, Walmart or Target and pick something out. Then depending on your skill level you can buy it and take it home and build it together. 

Or if you know how to build things, do to Home Depot and buy all of the stuff you need to build it and go home and build it from scratch together.  

If you do it this way it will probably require several dates for you to accomplish this. But what a fun thing to do together and another way to help your daughter learn a skill she could use later on in life.

Go Skating

Going skating or ice skating together can be super fun. Maybe you both are terrible at it and will keep falling, maybe one of you is great at it and one of you isn’t?

Either way I am sure there will be lots of laughing and also possibly some sore butts after. But I assure you memories will be made and it will be a good time for both.

Go Bowling

Another classic date idea is to go bowling. Most people enjoy this activity and you do not have to be good at it.  

I love bowling because it can be a quick date or a long one. Most places you can play for one game or you can pay by the hour.  

Make sure to share some yummy nachos or something. A lot of bowling alleys have surprisingly great food to enjoy while you play. 

A teenage girl who is bowling and about to throw the ball down the ally

Her Choice

Have your daughter pick her favorite activity and plan a date. It could be going to the library and picking out books for each other. Maybe she likes to go horseback riding? It could be taking an art class.

Give her a budget and let her plan.  She will love doing it, and it is a great way for her to learn how to do research and stay on budget. Plus, you’ll get a break from planning.

Do a Painting Class

There are so many places nowadays that have painting classes. You go and you learn how to paint the same picture, and it’s fun to see how everyone puts their own twist on it.

It can be really fun and you might learn a new skill or develop a love for art that neither of you knew you had. 

Go To a Pawn Shop and Search For Treasures

My husband is super into coins and silver. My daughter also finds coins fascinating. This would be a great activity for the two of them to do together.  

Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt and this one can have a good pay out if you are knowledgeable and can find something of value.

Random Acts of Kindness

My last date idea I saved for last because I think it has great potential to be very uplifting. Perform one ( or a few ) random acts of kindness together. There are lots of ideas you can do for this.  

One idea is to grab a pad of sticky notes and write a bunch of uplifting statements and quotes on them.  Things like;

“You look beautiful today”  

“Smile.  It looks great on you!”

“You are amazing and are doing great” 

Go shopping and leave your sticky notes all over the store for strangers to find. I have actually been wanting to do that with my kids. It seems like such a fun way to inspire strangers.

Another thing you can do is go to lunch or dinner at a sit down restaurant and leave a big tip. Obviously not everyone can afford to do this but it you can, it can be a great way to pay it forward to someone who might really need the extra cash. 

Go through a drive through and pay for the person behind you. 

You also could go to a fast food restaurant and grab a couple of extra burgers or fries in to go bags and drive around and see if you can find a few homeless people to feed. 

Any of these random acts would be great or come up with your own.  I guarantee this will be a date to remember. Helping people, or trying to make people feel good in general is a feeling that lasts within our hearts forever. 

Fun daddy daughter date night ideas such as going to a concert

Fun Father Teenage Daughter Date Night Ideas

Father Daughter relationships are so important, especially when girls are in their teenage years. These fun date night ideas for fathers and teen girls will hopefully help you build a strong foundation of love and trust, while also making memories and having a blast.

Do you have a great daddy teenage daughter date idea we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

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