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Homemade Spa In A Jar Gift Idea

Need a quick and easy last minute gift for a friend? We have you covered. From sugar scrubs to astringent to body spray; You’ll have that DIY Spa In A Jar ready in no time. Free Printable provided.


Create this cute spa in a jar for your mom this mother's day. What mom couldn't use some self-care time! | We Three Shanes

Homemade Spa In A Jar

Through the years we have been blogging, we have given our readers a lot of homemade beauty products to make and try at home. Why not make a bunch of them for your mom for Mother’s Day (or as a gift for friends.)

Pick and choose from some of our favorite homemade beauty recipes. Make three or eight. Whatever will fit in your size jar. The gift receiver is guaranteed to love it and to love you for it.

If anyone needs some self-care it’s mommas.

picture of a Jar with a label on it, filled with spa self care products

DIY Scrubs

Let’s start out with some scrubs. Scrubs and super easy to make. They are usually very cheap and a lot of the time you already have the items you need in the pantry.

I like to get containers from the Dollar Tree because you can get a pack for of any where from 4 to 8 for such a great price.

blue sugar scrub with sea shells and sand all around it

Lotions And Butters

I do not know anyone who doesn’t get dry skin from time to time. Body butters are the BEST for dry skin. These lotions and body butters are sure to be a big hit with any woman ( or man for that matter ).

Picture of white Body Butter in a small mason jar

Face and Hair

Let’s face it. Sometimes woman are rough on their bodies. We put tons of things on our face and in our hair which means from time to time we need some love in those areas. Pick one or all of these face and hair DIY recipes to help mom’s hair and skin glow.

picture of a spray bottle with light blue water and two how pink flowers next to it

Bath and Body

Soaking in the bath or taking a long, hot shower can be so therapeutic. Why not take it to the next level for mom with one of these recipes. From our detox bath and foot mask to our bath bombs and loofah soap, she is sure to love any of these recipes.

A hand holding a blue heart shaped bath bomb


Lip gloss, body spray and face scrubbier? Yes, please! Our all natural lip gloss and body spray are sure to surprise her. With minimal ingredients, these are easy to make and sure to be a hit with any mom.

Our face scrubbier require crochet knowledge but only a little. If you know a little about crochet, give them a try. They are completely reusable which makes them a great present for anyone who cares about the planet and trying to be green.

picture of homemade lip glosses

Other Items to Add to the Jar

After you have picked some of the homemade beauty items that you think your mom will like best, it’s time to add some other small items to fill the jar with.

You don’t have to spend much. Some things you can find at the dollar store.

Here’s a small list of things that you can add:

Free Spa Tag Printables

Take your spa in a jar to the next level with these free gift tags. Just download the ones you want, cut it out, and either tape or tie to the jar with a cute bow.

free printable self care jar tags
free printable spa in a jar tags
Free Printable Mother's day tags

What Will You Put In It Your Homemade Spa in a Jar

What will you make to put in your spa in a jar? The one I made has lip scrub, sugar scrub, nail polish, body spray, cuticle oil, astringent and CHOCOLATE! It’s a mothers day gift after all so it needs chocolate.

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