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Lily and Fox Review: Are They Better Than Color Street?

Not only will you get my honest review of Lily and Fox Nail Polish Wraps, I will also compare them to Color Street to see who comes out on top. Is Lily and Fox a great Color Street Alternative? Keep reading to find out!

This post contains affiliate links. You won’t pay any extra for making a purchase through these links but we earn a commission for purchases made through links.  You can read more about it in our full disclosure.
Not only will you get my honest review of Lily and Fox Nail Polish Wraps, I will also compare them to Color Street to see who comes out on top. Is Lily and Fox a great Color Street Alternative? Click the link to find out! | We Three Shanes

Lily and Fox Review: Are They Better than Color Street

Lily and Fox is a newer nail strip company that’s giving Color Street a run for their money. Today, I’m sharing all the pros and cons in this Lily and Fox review so you can decide if their nail wraps are something you’d like to try.

I feel like everyone has heard about nail strips but just in case you haven’t they are nail polish appliqués. They smooth out on top of the finger nail to give you the perfect manicure. Nail strips come pre-made in nail shape and different sizes so you can find the right fit for your nails.

Nail polish strips have become super popular because of the easy of doing your own salon quality nails at home with out the higher cost. Now with salons temporarily closed, people are looking for the best manicure they can do at home. Nail polish strips provide many colors and styles, no dry time, etc.

Lily and Fox Review

I heard about Lily & Fox from someone on Pinterest. They left a comment on one of the pins that leads to our Color Street post saying that Lily & Fox was better than Color Street nails. I try my best to follow up on all comments so I told them I’d check them out and now, here we are.

I tried two different sets from Lily and Fox a solid, neutral color and a glitter design. I know Color Street’s glitter designs always last longer for me so I really wanted to compare the two glitters.

Not only will you get my honest review of Lily and Fox Nail Polish Wraps, I will also compare them to Color Street to see who comes out on top. Is Lily and Fox a great Color Street Alternative? Keep reading to find out! | We Three Shanes

Now that I’ve tried out Lily & Fox, I’m ready to share my honest review with all of you. I’ll tell you all about Lily and Fox and compare their nail strips to Color Street’s. We’ll see who comes out on top.

Lily and Fox vs Color Street

Color Street seems like the top dog of nail polish strips. They are the first to come out with a much easier application process while still keeping manicures and pedicures lasting for 10-14 days. They really changed the game of nail polish strips.

But just because they were the first, doesn’t necessarily make them the best. More and more companies are coming out with their own nail wraps. Today, we’ll be comparing newer company, Lily and Fox to Color Street.

Lily and Fox

Lily and Fox doesn’t share much info on their site when it comes to the company itself. They talk about wanting to find a better way to get salon quality nails at home with out the time waste, poking and prodding, and dollars spent at a nail salon.

After lots of testing and research, they were able to combine “age-old art with new-age technology” to create beautiful nail strips that are easy to put on and last for weeks. That’s all the info they share about who they are as a company.

I did email the company and found out some more info. Lily and Fox was started in 2018. There are parts from around the world that go into making their nail wraps but everything ends up in Australia for final processing. They have an office and warehouse in Perth, Western Australia and another warehouse in Elk Grove, Illinois.

There are a lot of rumors and assumptions in other articles about Lily and Fox nails. Some claim that Lily and Fox buys discontinued or misprinted nails from other companies and that’s why the price is so cheap. This isn’t true. Lily and Fox makes their nail strips and plans on keeping their $2.99 sale price for the foreseeable future.

Lily and Fox nails are 100% vegan, non-toxic and cruelty free! They are 10 free which means they don’t include the ten most toxic ingredients that are found in nail polish. You won’t find dibutyl phthalate, TPHP, toluene, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, parabens, and tert-butyl hydroperoxide in Lily and Fox nails which I think is pretty amazing.

Color Street

Color Street was created by Fa Pack when he saw a woman struggling to polish her nails in a NYC taxi in 1984. He started working on finding the right formula for a real nail polish strip and eventually came out with Color Street, Incoco, and Coconut.

Incoco headquarters is in Clifton, New Jersey and it’s where Color Street and its sister companies are manufactured. All products are made in the USA which means a lot to Pack because this is where he made his “American dream a reality”. You can read all about the company on their website.


Let’s start with a pricing comparison. This is where Lily and Fox really shines. As of right now all nails are only $2.99 for a set of 16 nail strips. For reals!

It’s written as a sales price. The actual price is listed at $9.99 which is still better than Color Street prices. Plus, they have free shipping.

The thing is though, Lily and Fox nail wraps have been at that sale price of $2.99 for ever. They’ve never not used that sales price. Will they eventually stop using the promotional price? I can’t say. But for now, take advantage of that price because it’s amazing!

Check out the photo below to see what comes with your order. How cute is everything?! You don’t get alcohol wipes like you do with Color Street, but you do get a cuticle pusher which is really helpful when applying the nail wraps.

Lily and Fox comes in the cutest packaging. They really go the extra mile in customer care.

They also gave me an old Christmas set to practice with which is super awesome. I’m not sure if they do this for all first time buyers but it was a nice surprise for me.

The nails themselves come in a foil packaging. It’s not possible to seal them up again but because of the nail ingredients, you can use any extras again without them drying out. That’s a nice bonus. Color Street nail strips will dry out if you don’t do a whole song and dance to reseal them and even then it’s not guaranteed.

Color Street nail strips range in price from $11 – 14 for 16 nail strips and shipping is a flat rate of $3. They do have some deals that drop the prices.

Buy three get one free for colors, glitters, and nail art designs makes prices closer to $8.25 – 9.75. Buy one get one free for French manicures makes them $7 plus the $3 for shipping so if you plan ahead and buy more then you do get a better price. But it doesn’t compare to $2.99.

How to Purchase

Both Lily and Fox and Color Street have websites you can order from and get your nail wraps shipped to your home. You can’t buy either one in stores all though you can get Incoco and Coconut, Color Street’s sister companies, in some stores. Read more about them HERE!

Color Street does have the option of purchasing nails from a stylist. There are some benefits that come from this.

  • Support for a friend that is trying to earn some extra money for herself/family.

  • Stylist can have a good stock of nails at home which means you can sometimes avoid shipping cost when you buy from them. They can also have retired designs in their stash which means you can nab them when people ordering straight from the site can’t.

  • Stylist love to get the word out through parties. In home parties are always fun but not super safe right now but most stylist are great at hosting online parties and making it fun. Hosting an online Color Street party could be a great way to have fun with friends and family while social distancing. Plus, you can earn yourself some free nails.
  • If people keep complimenting you on your Color Street nails then you might make a good stylist which gets you discounts on nail strips and could turn into a good little side hustle for you.

None of this is possible with Lilly and Fox. They only have purchasing through their website available.


Both Lily and Fox and Color Street have some great designs. Personally, I think Color Streets designs look a bit nicer and higher quality. Some of Lily and Fox designs look a little off to me. They just aren’t as crisp. It’s like there’s a slight blur to them.

This doesn’t happen on all their designs but I definitely see it in some, especially the holiday designs. I do think Lily and Fox nail designs are getting better though. When I first checked them out a couple of months ago, I only found a handful of designs I liked. Now, they have a lot more cute ones.

Color Street, usually, has a much better selection of nail designs. They are currently running low on designs because of the pandemic and are out of stock on many popular styles.

For example, right now Color Street has 24 solid nail choices that are in stock and Lily and Fox only has 13. Color Street has pages and pages of nail designs and Lily and Fox only has 2. It does make it harder to find nail styles you like but it’s not impossible.

Both have holiday designs. Lily and Fox, however, has already sold out of their Halloween designs. Where as, Color Street, hasn’t even stocked theirs yet. I’m not sure if Lily and Fox will restock theirs. It seems like once they’re out of a design, that’s it. They’re done.

Color Street keeps the same nail designs for seasons. They let you know when they will retire a design so you have a chance to stock up on your favorites before they go away.

Lily and Fox, on the other hand, seems to rotate through designs on a regular basis. I loved the light grey set I got but by the time I got back on the site to think about reordering, they were gone. That’s a total bummer in my book. I want to know my favorite designs will be there so I can reorder them anytime I want.

Application Process

The application process between the two nail strips was very similar but Color Street is easier to apply.

Lily and Fox nail wraps go on really well and you can take them off and reposition them if you need to which is pretty helpful. But, the wraps are thicker and more plastic-y which makes them much harder to rip/pull away the excess polish strip you don’t need. You really need to file the extra away which is a bit harder to do. It does get easier with practice.

Lily and Fox nail polish strips are a bit stretchier which makes them go on the nail well but I think this contributes to a bubble problem I’ll talk about in the next section. This is also why most people have said they can only get one manicure out of each Lily and Fox set.

However, I did find a way to get a full manicure and pedicure from one set and still have some nail strips left over. Enough to get another pedicure or manicure for a younger daughter out of them. $2.99 for a full mani/pedi plus another pedi is a crazy good deal. I’ll let you know that process in another post next week so be sure to check back.

How to Get a Mani and Pedi from One Lily and Fox Nail Set

Not only will you get my honest review of Lily and Fox Nail Polish Wraps, I will also compare them to Color Street to see who comes out on top. Is Lily and Fox a great Color Street Alternative? Keep reading to find out! | We Three Shanes

Look and Feel

Again, I think the look and feel of both Color Street and Lily and Fox is similar. They both look great when first applied. Color Street nails do have a smoother feel though. The Lily and Fox nail strips never feel completely dry. They have a sticky feeling to them that I don’t love.

Color Street nail strips last up to 2 weeks. I find the glitter polish has the best staying power. There is no wait time once your nails are on. You can immediately wash dishes or jump in the shower with no negative consequences.

Lily and Fox wants you to wait at least 6 hours before submerging your hands in hot water. I put my nail warps on before bed so I don’t have to play a waiting game. Lily and Fox also suggests using a base coat to help their nail strips adhere better to your nails and a top coat to make them last longer. Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine top coat is one they recommend.

This is a total negative in my opinion. I don’t like the idea of extra work but for $2.99 it could be worth the extra effort.

The first set of Lily and Fox nails I put on my bare nails and did not do a top coat. I don’t have to do that for Color Street nails and I wanted a real comparison.

Within a couple of days my nail polish wraps had started to bubble up and pull away from the edges. I think this is partially because of that stretch that happens when you first apply the nail strips. It feels like they shrink back down which creates those bubbles and exposed tips.

Not only will you get my honest review of Lily and Fox Nail Polish Wraps, I will also compare them to Color Street to see who comes out on top. Is Lily and Fox a great Color Street Alternative? Keep reading to find out! | We Three Shanes

I had to remove the Lily and Fox nail wraps by the end of the week because they looked awful. If you stick to an application with no bottom or top coat then these nails will only last about 3 days.

(Update) From my interactions with the company, they seem like a helpful group who wants you to have the best experience when using their product. After seeing how my grey nail wraps bubbled up they got in touch with me to let me know that it wasn’t normal and I must have gotten a bad set. They no longer have that design so they had me pick two other ones to try out. They have sent me them free of charge.

They do offer a 100% guarantee so if you experience a similar problem or are unhappy with your nail polish strips in any way you should reach out to them. I plan on trying the new sets they send to see if I have a similar bubbling problem and will update this post again with my results.

Lily & Fox Glitter Set

The next set I tried from Lily and Fox was a glitter set because I wanted to see how they compared to Color Street’s glitter designs. For this set, I left my right hand top coat free but I applied a layer of fast dry top coat to the left hand to see if it helped.

The right hand bubbled up just like the first Lily and Fox set I tried, but it bubbled way less than the solid set. I think the glitter holds up better just like Color Street glitter does.

The side with the top coat never bubbled up. It lasted the two full weeks with the only noticeable wear being growth at the nail bed and a tiny bit of nail showing on the tips. You can see there is a lot of nail showing on the set that didn’t have a top coat on. The bubbles are not as noticeable on the glitter nails but you can really see it on that thumb nail.

I’m still wearing the Lily and Fox glitters on my toes and it’s been over a month. Just like Color Street the pedicure last much longer than the manicure.

Nail Strip Removal

Even though Color Street is made from real nail polish, there are a couple of layers in there. Therefore, cheap, 99 cent nail polish remover doesn’t really cut it. I use the coconut scented ONYX professional nail polish remover and it works great and still comes in at a good price.

Lily and Fox nails has a protective layer built into their nails to prevent nail damage. Because of this layer, the nail wraps simply pull off of the nail with out the need of polish remover. I was able to peel the nails right off. It does leave a bit of residue on the nails but that washes off with soap and warm water.

If you use a base coat or top coat then you will need to use a nail polish remover. I tried to see if Lily and Fox nail wraps would peel of with the top coat and it did but it damaged my nail so that’s not good. A good nail polish remover was easily able to remove the top coat and strip.

Do They Damage Nails?

There is some debate on whether or not Color Street ruins your nails. Some people’s nails crack and split after too much Color Street use. Other people don’t have a problem with them at all.

Like I said above, Lily and Fox nail polish strips are made with real nail polish but they have a backing on them that prevents nail damage. If your nails have been damaged by other nail strips you should definitely give Lily and Fox a try.

Want to save some money but still rock the perfect mani/pedi? Check out my review to see if Lily and Fox are a great Color Street alternative. | We Three Shanes

So Which Nail Strip is the Winner?

So, now that I’ve gone over all the pros and cons of Lily and Fox and compared them to Color Street, which one do I recommend? With a price of $2.99, the winner for me is Lily and Fox. 🦊 While they do have some problems with their nail wraps, the price more than makes up for them.

I would much rather spend 3 bucks on a mani and pedi that I have to paint a top coat on. It’s a very small, extra effort and if you use a fast dry, top coat it’s dry in less than a minute. The application is slightly more annoying than Color Street’s process but again the price makes up for that.

If Lily and Fox ever stops the $2.99 sale price and starts selling their nail wraps at the listed $9.99 then I would switch back to Color Street. The’ve got more designs that will stick around. Their nail strips last longer on their own, no top coat needed. Plus, the application process is easier, even if only by a little bit.

Have you tried Lily and Fox nail wraps? We’d love to hear about your experience with them in the comments!

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  1. I have been a stylist with Color Street for a year. It is so hard to Bonus Qualify each month and paying for the site with no sales just seemed like a waste of money. Before I decided to stop being a stylist, I did give Lily and Fox a try. I always put on a top coat of gel that requires a lamp on any manicure I do. I have not had any issues with Lily and Fox bubbling or coming off, in fact I usually keep them on for a full 14 days and then I love that they peel off so there is no need to do the soak off process like I have to do with Color Street. Lily and Fox strips are smaller and thicker and to me, a little harder to apply but I am getting use to applying them. I would also recommend a base coat before applying Lily and Fox nail strips. I like the price and the selection they offer too. I have ordered twice and just placed an order for my daughter-in-laws birthday. The fact that they offer free shipping is very nice as well and with both orders, I received a free set and a nice note. Don’t get me wrong, I still adore Color Street and feel it is an amazing product but I no longer choose to sell for them.

  2. I love both companies. CS is a little thinner and easier to manage and I LOVE that they are double ended. But the price of L&F trumps all. I use Orly Base Coat and Top Coat and those help a lot.

  3. A bit of misinformation in this post. Lily and Fox do not manufacture their nail strips. They buy from the same manufacturer as do a lot of independent nail wrap sellers like myself. Their pricing is psychological pricing and they have never had different pricing. Most of their designs are the manufacturers stock designs that are available from many other vendors. In fact it’s worth checking out other vendors too who have these types and other types/sizes too. I’d also advise against peeling straight off the nails as this can damage them. The bubbling up was likely due to using something like sunscreen or bug spray so a top coat is advisable if you will be using these. I do wear wraps without base and top coat but just like nail polish a top coat gives added shine and protection. And Personail had the product before Lily and Fox so they weren’t exactly innovators! Hope that clarifies some of the information.

    1. I appreciate your comment and the info you’ve shared. All of my info comes straight from the company so I can only write based on the info I received from them and not based off rumor, even if the rumors might be true. I can totally see how the pricing is psychological. I did mention that the price has always been $2.99. I definitely did not use bug spray or sunscreen. I was doing normal everyday activities but I definitely recommend a top coat which I mention in the article. I don’t remember calling Lily and Fox innovators. If I was going to call anyone an innovator it would have been Color Street since they are the first to put real nail polish strips on the market. While I do realize there are other nail strips out there, we’ve done some other reviews, this was strictly a review on Lily and Fox after a reader asked us to check them out.

  4. tried these about four times, always bubbles, will not buy again. I’d rather pay a few dollars more.

      1. I absolutely love Lily & Fox. I have used them for months now & they never bubble up for me, but I do use Orly base coat & then a good top coat. I do use Color Street also if I see a set I absolutely have to have. I find that Lily & Fox are easier to apply for me, but that may be because I’m used to putting them on more often. I to got a free practice set with my first order. Since I order from them quite often I have received a couple of very nice personal notes from them & more free sets. They are a great company!

        1. Seems like a top coat is key to getting Lily & Fox nail strips to last. I do also love the company. They seem like great people and it’s nice to support a good company. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. I recently ordered a couple of sets from Lily n Fox but haven’t tried them yet. I also read up on the Color Street ones and I already have a person I know who sells them so I will give her some business. I did however, purchase nail polish strips from Walmart and Sally’s Beauty Supply called Dashing Diva Gloss, one set is all glitter strips they were $5.97 for 27 gel nail strips. The other strip was called the Rainbow Edit and was $8.69 from Sally’s and has 32 gel nail strips in it. I realized Walmart had the same package for $7.97 I think. I did a combination of both. They went on pretty well for my first time. Never used base or top coat. It’s been 8 days they’ve been on. They haven’t chipped, bubbled or come off and I’ve mowed lawns, weeded with garden gloves on, did dishes, of course took showers and reg housework. They came with a file and a prep pad for your nails. To remove them it says to use a drop of cuticle oil or acetone remover and use a wooden stick to gently lift off the nail strip. I haven’t taken them off yet. Just wanted to share a different brand with all the ladies. I did have a lady put one color street nail strip for me to try and I liked how it smelled like when I use to go to the salons, and the fact they are made in USA. I’ll be trying both Color street and Lily and Fox. I did receive a free strip from Lily and Fox and it didn’t take long to receive them. I can’t afford to get gel nails from a salon anymore so these are the next best. Plus I don’t have to wear a mask doing them in my own home. Lololol

    1. I actually have a set of Dashing Diva nails to try that I bought months ago from Walmart. I ended up trying Nails Mailed first so the divas are next on the list. They sound like they work pretty well from your experience so I’m excite to try them out. I like how many styles Nails Mailed has but I love that I can pick up sets of nail polish strips while I’m at the store on occasion.

  6. I have been using Lily and Fox for a year now and absolutely love them. However, the last set I removed, I had more sticky residue than usual. Nail polish remover didn’t touch it. Oh, well, makes the next wrap application stay on really good. Mine last all of 2 weeks. I ordered 14 sets 2 weeks ago. Beautiful nail wraps!! Helen

    1. When I have too much sticky goo left on my nails I make a little mixture of oil and baking soda and rub that on my nails. Once the residue is gone I wash with soap and hot water.

  7. I had my first set of L&F on for two weeks, no bubbling and they pealed off with no trouble. Am happy with mine and love the price.

  8. Just happened to run across this article & thought I would comment. I pretty much use nothing but nail strips at this point, I just don’t have the patience for nail polish anymore. I started years ago using Incoco which is the original brand of Color Street (you can still find them on Amazon), & somewhere along the way discovered Lily & Fox. I am now using them almost exclusively. I agree about the pricing, especially with free shipping, they’re the best bargain, and they have lots of designs & colors. Snow White is the absolute best for a white manicure. I always use a top coat, & have never had the bubbling problem, have you ever figured out why it happens? One thing I have had happen is the pull back at the tips. I’ve noticed that if I do my nails at night they are fine the next morning, but as soon as I take a shower, they’ve pulled back. I wonder if this is due to the hot water? Anyway, I’ll keep using them, in fact, I have bought so many of them, I am currently putting them into a spreadsheet, so that I can stop accidentally buying duplicates LOL

    1. Hi Marna! Thanks for sharing your experience with nail strips. I’m still not sure why the Lily and Fox nail polish strips bubbled but I definitely only wear them with a top coat now. I do think hot showers can effect the nail strips. Same with hot water when washing dishes so I try to wear gloves when doing dishes and do my best to not take really hot showers, which is not my favorite cuz I love them.

    2. Im a newbie to Lilly and Fox. I just did my first set 2 days ago. No bubbling but all my nails have creases. Any tips for getting less or none at all ? I used a top coat but no base. I really like them. I just have to keep practicing . Great designs and great great price.

      1. Getting a smooth application just takes practice. Lily and Fox nail strips are easy to readjust so if you get a crease you can try to remove the strip and reapply it. I like to smooth from the bottom of the nail out to the edges as well.

  9. I was using Perfectly Polished nail strips long before color Street came along. To my mind they are absolutely the best. When done with base coat and a couple of top coats they have lasted through a three-week vacation. Lily Fox have never bubbled on me. My nails are wide so the last three in every set are totally unusable. I sucker into them every time because their designs are so cute but actually they are my least favorite of the three types.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Pat. I’ve never heard of Perfectly Polished nail strips before. It’s crazy how many nail strip companies there are out there. Looks like they also have some cute patterns and great prices.I do agree with the sizing on Lily & Fox nail strips. I just use those extra skinny ones on my toes.

  10. I have been bouncing around with nail strip companies since I left the heat-applied Jamberry. I love the patterns and I still have my Star Wars ones for special nerd occasions, but day-to-day, getting out the heat lamp was a pain. I really like the Lily and Fox. Color Street has done some nasty damage to my nails — they peeled and flaked horribly after I wore them and I LOVE that Lily and Fox wants to protect my nails. I just took off a set yesterday and my nails look healthy and strong! Yay! AND they lasted for 10 days, through a vacation! I use the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat and it makes a HUGE difference. No bubbling, and the only reason I needed to take mine off was because my nails were starting to grow out and the back of the wrap (where it’s hard to get top coat on) was starting to catch on things. But 10 days, no sign of wear and $2.99?! Yes, please!

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