Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt | Free Printables

Plan on taking the family out to look at Christmas lights? Add a fun twist to the outing with these free Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt and Bingo Printables.


Plan on taking the family out to look at Christmas lights? Add a fun twist to the outing with these free Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt and Bingo Printables. | We Three Shanes

Christmas Lights Printable Scavenger Hunt

December is here so of course we have Christmas on the brain. Our family always does an activity advent calendar to count off the days until Christmas. With my kiddo back to virtual learning we’ve been looking for extra ways to have fun this holiday season.

Earlier in the year when everyone was stuck at home, we came up with an around town scavenger hunt that the whole family could do together. It’s gotten tons of downloads so why not do another one.

Christmas lights are a must to see in Dec. While it’s always fun to drive around and find the best decorated houses, why not kick it up a notch with a Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt!

It’s easy fun for the whole family and there are tons of ways you can change things up. I’ll give you some ideas towards the end of the post.

An Evening of Christmas Lights

We’ve got two Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt printables for you to print off for FREE. One is geared towards adults but can be played as a family which is what we do. The other is for the kids.

  • The first, is a scavenger hunt checklist that has 40 Christmas decor items to find. It’s more fun for teens and adults but can be played as a family as well.
  • The second free printable is a Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt Bingo game for younger kids. This one has pictures and words so it’s easy for readers and non-readers to follow. There are 6 different bingo cards so each kid can have their own and see who finds a bingo first.

Grab which ever printable works best for your situation or play twice on different nights. Do the Bingo game first and then do the checklist another week. It’s fun to find excuses to get out of the house these days.

How to Print Your Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

Choose which Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt you want to try and then hit the download button. The pdf will open in a new page and then you can either click on the download button so it’s saves to your computer and then print from there or you can print directly from that page. It’s up to you.

Remember, there are 6 bingo cards. If you don’t need all 6 just click the print button and then change the pages from all to the number of pages you want to print. If you only need 3 bingo cards then print pages 1-3. Only print the pages you need and save that printer ink.

Grab this Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt Bingo printable for FREE. It's fun for the whole family! | We Three Shanes

You can choose to laminate printables and re-use them for years to come. Grab some erasable markers and clipboards from the Dollar Tree and you’re all set for a fun family night. While you’re there, grab a couple of fun Christmas themed prizes for the kids to pick out as they get a bingo.

Extra Ways to Have Fun on the Hunt

Now that you’ve printed the Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt version you want, it’s time to have some fun. You can simply grab your clipboard/s and printables, hop in the car, and go. Then search until you find them all. Or, you can try some of these creative ideas to add even more holiday cheer to your night:

  • Make a Christmas Playlist and listen to it in the car while you hunt.
  • Have a Christmas treat to eat in the car like this peppermint popcorn or hot chocolate to drink.
  • If you don’t want treats in the car then have them waiting for you when you get back home. Heat some hot chocolate in the crockpot so it’s ready when you’re done. Then have a hot chocolate bar full of goodies to add to the drinks. Sit back and give everyone a chance to talk about which house was their favorite.
  • Hit up a drive thru and get holiday flavored shakes for everyone. Then start the hunt as soon as you leave the parking lot.
  • Make a right, left, straight spinner or dice and let kids take turns spinning and tossing to see which way you’ll go next.
  • See how many items you can find without leaving your neighborhood. Or, let everyone guess how many you’ll find in the neighborhood. Drive through the whole area and then see who had the closest guess. Then leave the neighborhood and see if you can find the rest on the list.
  • Let everyone guess how long it will take to find all the items on the list. Then drive around until you find them all. See who guessed the closest time. They get to choose the next Christmas movie you watch.
  • Try the list in a different town, on another night the following week. Pick a new town to try the scavenger hunt each week. You think you might get bored but you really don’t!
  • Set a time limit. Give yourselves 30 minutes and see how many items you can find on the list. You’ll have to make some decisions on how far you can drive and be back home in half an hour. It gives the hunt a sense of urgency which changes the feel of the game.

A time limit is especially fun to do when playing with a group of people. You can break off into teams and see who gets the most in the time allotted. This is fun for youth groups, girl’s night out, double dates, or something to do with extended family.

We won’t be able to visit extend family this year so it would be fun to set up a Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt in advanced. Pick a night, set up a group chat, make sure everyone is in there cars and ready to go at the set time, then say GO! Once the 30 minutes is up, everyone has to send a photo of their printable to show how many they found. For every minute they’re late posting the pic, they lose a point.

You can always add a pot to the game. Each family playing puts in 10 bucks and the family that finds the most wins the money and bragging rights!

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt Fun

A Christmas lights scavenger hunt is a fun way to get out and see the lights in a new way. Just remember to play safe! Keep your eyes on the road if you are driving. Don’t get so loud that you can’t hear each other while playing or it gets dangerous for the driver. Follow all speed limits and other traffic rules especially when playing with a time limit.

Enjoy the night and time spent together. Talk about the lights and decorations you see but also about the spirit of Christmas.

After having such a great time with the Hometown Scavenger Hunt, my kid was super excited for this Christmas lights one and couldn’t wait to find as many as he could. We hope you have as much fun on the hunt as our family did!

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  1. Thanks for the fun scavenger hunt. We had a blast doing it last night. It’s a tradition with some friends of ours, and I think this is the best list we have done so far!

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