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Color Street vs Incoco and Coconut: What’s the Difference?

Did you know Color Street Nails has a sister company that sells their nail polish strips for less? We’ve tried out both Incoco and Coconut nails to see how they compare to Color Street. 


Did you know Color Street Nails has a sister company that sells their nail polish strips for less? We've tried out both Incoco and Coconut nails to see how they compare to Color Street.  | We Three Shanes

Color Street vs Incoco and Coconut: What’s the Difference?

Nail strips are becoming more and more popular. Color Street nails changed the game by making 100% nail polish strips. You can read all about them in Kristy’s full and honest review.

Did you know that Color Street has a sister company named Incoco? I sure didn’t! We got a comment from a reader on the Color Street Review post telling us that Color Street used to be Incoco so we decided to look into things.

Turns out she was right. (Not that we didn’t believe her but everyone should do there own research on things.) We looked into Incoco more and thought it would be fun to do a review/comparison of the two products but it turns out there are three products: Color Street, Incoco, and Coconut. So you get a review of all three.

First, I’ll go through the similarities and difference of the 3 products on paper. Then I’ll give you my review based on trying the nail polish strips myself.

Similarities Between Color Street, Incoco, and Coconut

There are a number of similarities between Color Street, Incoco, and Coconut nails. They are all made by the same company and founder Fa Park. Incoco Headquarters is located in Clifton, New Jersey, U.S.A where they produce all Color Street, Coconut, and Incoco nail strips.

I have seen lots of chatter about Incoco and Coconut being phased out of stores since Color Street is doing so well, but there’s no hard evidence that proves this. In fact, rumors have been going on about it for years. For now, they are in stores so lets get to know them better.

Nail Strip Packing

Did you know Color Street Nails has a sister company that sells their nail polish strips for less? We've tried out both Incoco and Coconut nails to see how they compare to Color Street. | We Three Shanes

If you look at the packaging side by side you can clearly see the similarities. However, they are not exact. Both Color Street and Incoco nail polish strips come with two nail prep pads and an mini emery board for help with application. 

The Coconut nail strips that I got from Walmart did not come with the nail prep pads. They only came with the emery board. Since nail prep is something that is really important for getting a great application with staying power, that’s a bit of a let down. You can always grab a cotton balls and rubbing alcohol to use on nails before applying Coconut nail art.

Nail polish Strip Ingredients

All three Incoco brands have the exact same ingredients, listed in the same order. This makes it pretty clear, at least to me, that they use the same formula for Color Street, Incoco, and Coconut. The nail polish strips themselves should be the same when it comes to application and durability. But are they? More on that in the review section below.


Once out of the box, the nail strips themselves look the same. They all have a clear cover on each strip that needs to be removed before applying the polish strip. Application directions are pretty much the same.

Did you know Color Street Nails has a sister company that sells their nail polish strips for less? We've tried out both Incoco and Coconut nails to see how they compare to Color Street. | We Three Shanes

Deferences between Color Street, Incoco, and Coconut

There are a lot of similarities between Color Street & it’s sister company Incoco, but there are some difference as well. 

Pricing Differences

There is a price difference between Color Street, Incoco, and Coconut:

Color Street nail strips cost between $11-13.  If purchasing Color Street online you’ll need to add $3 per order for shipping. Color Street also does donate money to charities when you purchase certain strips from them so keep that in mind.

If you take advantage of Color Streets deals like the buy 3 get one free then you’ll only spend between $9-10.50 ($3 shipping included) for each set you purchase. French manicure sets are $14 but they are buy one get on free which makes them $8.50 when you add the $3 shipping fee.

Incoco nail strips price changes based on where you buy them, but not by much. At Walmart they are $6.88 but at Ulta they are $7.99. You can purchase nail strips from both places online where you could end up paying shipping fees.

Coconut nail strips are $4.97 but you get less nail polish strips. Incoco and Color Street both give you 16 nail strips. Coconut only gives you 12. Again, you can buy them online but you’ll have to deal with shipping fees.


Color Street can be purchased online or from a Color Street stylist.

Incoco can be bought at Walmart or Ulta. You can purchase them in stores and online. Ulta has a better selection in stores but Walmart seems to have a better selection online. My Walmart only had the Coconut brand and not the Incoco nail strips. You’ll have to check your own Walmart to see what they sell in stores.

Coconut is exclusively sold by Walmart. You can find them in stores and online. 


Color Street has waaaaaaay more designs than Incoco and Coconut combined. Color Street has just over a hundred different styles you can choose from. They have multiple collections and categories of nail art to choose from including holiday, season, and awareness designs.

Incoco has 12 styles available at Ulta. That’s not a lot. They have no solid colors. Most nail strips have a pattern on them. Then there’s a couple of glitter and one French Tip. While there are a handful more nail strip styles online through Walmart, I’d be a bit reluctant to buy them. They seems to be old styles which means the nail strips could be fairly old.

I was able to find spots for all 12 styles at Ulta but they were out of a couple of them. My Walmart only had the French Manicure set and no other Incoco styles.

Coconut also has 12 styles to choose from. You’ll mostly find patterns from them as well, although they do have two solid styles. My Walmart only had 8 styles to choose from so it seems every store is different.


Color Street has the best website out of the three. They have a lot more information on the site plus you can actually order nail strips from the Color Street Site.

Both Incoco and Coconut have very similar looking websites but there’s not much substance to either of them. Both sites tell you a little about the product and show off the collections for the year but that’s about it. You can’t order nails from the site. There really isn’t much of a reason to check the sites out.

Color Street vs Incoco vs Coconut

While all that info is important to know, to me it all comes down to how well the nail strips perform? If I hand you a nail strip out of the package would you be able to tell which brand it came from? So let’s talk about how the brands actually compare to each other when it comes to wearing them.

Coconut Brand

I’ll start with the Coconut brand nails. There were only 6 styles to choose from because they didn’t carry all 12 designs and two were out of stock. I grabbed Have a Heart and was on my way. I love the price of Coconut nail polish strips! I’d be happy to rotate through the couple of the styles I like at that price.

Did you know Color Street Nails has a sister company that sells their nail polish strips for less? Check out our honest review of Incoco and Coconut nails. | We Three Shanes

I was excited to try them out but there are a couple of problems I found when applying Coconut strips.

  • There are less strips so finding the right fit for each nail can be a little tricky. I feel like that’s important when using nail strips.

  • They also don’t come with the alcohol pads to clean off your nails. If you don’t know to do this then you’re nail polish strips might not last as long.

  • The clear coat that is removed before putting the nail strips on would not come off properly. I had the same problem with every nail strip that came in the package. I was eventually able to peel all the pieces off but it was a serious pain.
Did you know Color Street Nails has a sister company that sells their nail polish strips for less? We've tried out both Incoco and Coconut nails to see how they compare to Color Street. | We Three Shanes
  • Once I finally got the clear coat off, the polish strips themselves didn’t even work! I’m not sure what the problem was. Maybe it was an old set and they had started to dry out. The whole package was unusable. You can see my best attempt in the pictures below. The strips wouldn’t stick well at all and they ripped off unevenly.
Coconut nail strip review. Do Coconut nail polish strips work as well as their sister company, Color Street. | We Three Shanes

While I was really excited about the price of Coconut nail polish strips, they didn’t work. I realize this could be a fluke but it was still a complete waste of my money. 

Another Try for Coconut

Katie also tried Coconut nail polish strips but she didn’t have a problem with them. Here’s what she had to say about them:

“For the price I feel like they are pretty good but they are definitely not the same higher quality as Color Street. I had one nail that I couldn’t get lined up quite right so I had to pull it up to re-position it. That nail is now coming off. The Color Street ones can be readjusted and they will still stick. 

I was able to do my nails plus my daughters nails with the one set. These are great for kids. They don’t feel like a waste of money to use on my daughter, where as the Color Street nails are a bit expensive to use when I know she’s going to pick at them.

Did you know Color Street Nails has a sister company that sells their nail polish strips for less? Check out our honest review of Incoco and Coconut nails. | We Three Shanes

At the end of two weeks, my nails looked pretty good. There are some cracks in the polish but because the color was dark, the cracks aren’t super noticeable.” 

Coconut Conclusion

I might give the Coconut brand another try because they are so cheap but I’d probably only use them on my toe nails. 5 bucks for a cute summer pedicure is totally worth it to me. It’s great that you can pick up a set or two while doing your grocery shopping.

Sounds like these are a great option for kids and tweens as well. They would be great in an Easter basket or Christmas stocking.

Incoco Brand

We have two Ulta stores in our city and I only made it to one before they were closed because of Covid-19. Once stores open back up I’ll have to check out the selection of Incoco nails at both stores. Ulta does have all 12 styles in stores but like Walmart, some designs were out of stock.

There was a buy one get one 50% off special going at the time so maybe that’s why they weren’t able to keep stocks supplied. They had four designs that were out.

Did you know Color Street Nails has a sister company that sells their nail polish strips for less? Check out our honest review of Incoco and Coconut nails. | We Three Shanes

The Incoco set felt a lot like Color Street nail polish strips but they did seem slightly thinner. Not by much at all. They applied the same way and the nail strip sizes were the same as Color Street so finding a fit was a similar process.

Did you know Color Street Nails has a sister company that sells their nail polish strips for less? Check out our honest review of Incoco and Coconut nails. | We Three Shanes

My only complaint when it comes to Incoco was that the nail polish cracked in a pretty obvious way. I never had that problem with Color Street nails. These started to crack towards the end of the first week of wear. I’ve been able to keep some Color Street nails on for a month without signs of wear, just obvious regrowth.

Did you know Color Street Nails has a sister company that sells their nail polish strips for less? Check out our honest review of Incoco and Coconut nails. | We Three Shanes

Incoco Conclusion

If I shopped regularly at Ulta, I could see picking up a pair of these but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get a set. I will probably try a set of glitter nail polish strips on my toes this summer. You’d be less likely to see the cracks and nail polish strips do tend to last longer on toe nails. A French Manicure might also be worth a try for the money. 

Color Street for the Win!

In my opinion, Color Street nails are the winner in the Sister Company challenge. There is no comparison when it comes to the style choices Color Street has. The nail polish strips themselves seems to be better quality and last longer. In this case, you really do get what you paid for.

I also like how helpful Color Street Stylist are. You get much better costumer service with a stylist. If I had had a problem with my nail polish strips like I had with the Coconut brand, I know my stylist would have replace them for free. 

Like I said before, I will try Incoco and Coconut nails again for a pedicure. I’ll update the post once I’ve tried them out on my toes. I do think the price is great on both so they are worth a try. 

Did you know Color Street Nails has a sister company that sells their nail polish strips for less? Check out our honest review of Incoco and Coconut nails. | We Three Shanes

If you do try out Incoco or Coconut let us know what you think about them in the comments. We’d love to hear what your experience has been using them!

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  1. This article leaves out the biggest factor, that color street is another scammy MLM. That’s a big buying factor for a lot of people.

    1. That’s true. I mention Color Street Stylist with out actually talking about the MLM part of things. We talk more about that in our Color Street post which you can find HERE.

  2. I’ve tried all three. Finding the Coconut brand was hardest because they usually sold out. Definitely agree that they’re best for kids, tweens, or someone who likes to change their polish often. Getting the right size for my nails was a challenge. I ended up giving them to my niece.
    The Incoco nails from Ulta were much better. Selection was a little slim but they were easy to put on. They lasted about 8-9 days before they started lifting and looking ratty. ColorStreet beats both of them as far as patterns go and it definitely is way less expensive than having nail art done. They went on easily and lasted 12 days before I messed up a nail. Fingernails are not screwdrivers.
    If I’m at Ulta and find an Incoco set I like I’m going to buy it. However ColorStreet was my favorite.

  3. This is a great write up! I used Incoco and Coconut nail strips for about 6 months before a friend turned me on to Color Street. I found Incoco glitters to wear the best and the longest between Coconut and Incoco. Color Street is definitely the best though. They have so many shades and styles. After a year and a half of using them I finally took the plunge and became a Color Street stylist.

    1. We appreciate the comment AJ but have taken out your Color Street sales link because we already have a stylist in our post that we have worked with.

  4. So I read this post a couple weeks ago after I had purchased some color street….. I was at my local Walmart and decided to give the coconut ones a whirl…. i figured for 4.97….. whats it gonna hurt? I LOVE them! Yes you don’t get as many sizes on a sheet…. and there sure wasn’t near the selection….. but I am sold! They are a lot thinner than the color street…. but I kinda think that work in their favor…. i feel like its easier to fit them to my nail without the ripples! I have had them on for over a week….. and they look pretty much like brand new…. the ends of my nails are a little worn….. but not chipped or cracked by any means…. I think every color street fan should at least try these once….. your pocket book will definitely thank you!!!

    1. I’m glad you tried Coconut nail strips and liked them. It’s always nice to hear how they work on others. I’m convinced I need to give them another try. Thanks for sharing Amy!

  5. I recently got introduced to Color Street due to Covid and not being able to get in to see my nail tech. These work so well for me. Keep in mind that I had been wearing acrylic overlays for approx 10+ years and now they are very weak. I love Color Street because 1) no harsh chemicals are ever needed 2) they cost way less than going to a nail salon and 3) you can do them in less time than you can at a salon and in the comfort of your home. I’m waiting for the day that is socially safe to gather again to have a girls night where we can share stories and do nails together. I put on my first set last night and became creative and I must say they came out rather well even tho one did rip no one could ever tell the difference.

    1. I think a lot of people turned to nail strips once salons were closed. It’s nice to have an alternative that works so well. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  6. I’ve only ever used Coconut/Incoco brands. I simply love them & get many comments on them. I have never had any issues with the products. I know Coconut only provides 12 strips, but they are pliable enuf so you can gently stretch them to fit your nail. My only issues are I cannot find them in my Walmart or Walgreens. I have to order them online.
    I did buy a Color Street pak at a home show simply because I thought I’d never be able to find another similar product again. I haven’t tried them yet…saving them for a special occasion.

    1. Color Street definitely has way more design options and if you take advantage of the buy 3 get one free then the price is pretty comparable to Incoco. Just something to think about if you really like the Color Street nail strips once you try them.

  7. I’ve used all sorts of different brands of nail strips, color street, jamberry, coconut, non-branded, etc. I find that regardless of what I pay for a set (anywhere from $1.50 to $14) they all last a little longer and show less wear if you apply a lacquer top coat (I have a bottle of quick dry that dries almost as fast as you apply) or gel over the strips. I’ve had sets that seem sticky or dry when I open them and that layer overtop seals them on the nail to prevent them feeling tacky or cracking right away. It also helps with wear at the tips which is my biggest problem with anything on my nails.

    1. Hi Crystal! Thanks for your comment. I’ve heard that a clear top coat helps but one of the perks for me of nail strips is not waiting for nail polish to dry. However, I do think it’s a great idea. I recently tried a different nail strip that I’ll write about in a bit and it had that sticky feeling you’re talking about and I hated it. I’ll have to try the clear top coat for those and see if that helps. Thanks for the tip.

  8. I’ve tried the Coconut nails and Color Street is definitely nicer and thicker. But they seem great for kids. I don’t really like any of the Incoco styles I could find. I’d say if you have a friend selling them, or if you can stay well away from the MLM side of things and find a consultant who is not a PITA, then go for Color Street. I get two weeks and three manis out of each pack because of my short nails. I take them off after two weeks just because of regrowth.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing how Color Street and Coconut nails work for you. It’s helpful to get more opinions.

  9. Thanks for the excellent article Kim! I am a NEW user to Color Street Nails. My friend sells them, and put some on me to try. Then– I bought a set from her, and had her put them on so I could watch. And this time, they only lasted a few days, before I saw too much wear, and removed them. (So the persons comment about Color Street makes sense now)—I thought it may have been because I didn’t remove the first set with remover. Anyway, I happen to be at Ulta–and saw the Incoco Brand…(no idea they were from the same company). They looked just like color street, and they had some cute designs. They were only $7.99, so I picked up a pack. (I thought it be cheaper to practice with them, then the color street). So, while watching video’s from a gal who sells Color Street…and sweating it thru..I applied a set of Incoco.. They have been probably 2 weeks now, no problem!! NO signs of coming off. It’s nice to know all about the other 2 brands and the pro’s and con’s and info. So now I know more about the other products , and can grab some if I see some I like, and Color Street as well. I will experiment with them, and now have info to tell my dtr in law—because I’m introducing her to this product. Thanks everyone for the other comments too!

    1. I love the idea of practicing with the cheaper set since there is definitely a learning curve to putting nail strips on. Thanks for the tip! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience Laura.

  10. I have also tried all 3 and have to disagree. I had 0 problems with Coconut or Incoco but I always have problems with Colorstreet. Colorstreet gives me issues with getting the clear plastic off and many times the polish strip rips in half as I remove it from the backing. I also do not like that they do not come with the orange stick that I get with the coconut colors I have bought. Colorstreet also starts to rub off my nail edges almost instantly and starts lifting within a few days along the sides. I always have better staying power with the cheaper ones too. Honestly I don’t think colorstreet is worth the price. Many times colors I find in Incoco or Coconut also at some time were a colorstreet color. The company just controls all the market, but had to comment because i find the store brands of better quality than the actual colorstreet nails.

    1. Hi Jaime! Thanks for sharing how all three have worked for you. I definitely think turn over at the stores closest to you can make a difference in the nail strip quality. My Walmart isn’t very big and I wonder if the nails had sat on the shelf for a while.I definitely plan on trying both Coconut and Incoco again after reading your’s and other reader comments. I think I’ll try buying them from a different Walmart & Ulta in our area that’s just a bit further away to see how their selections are.

  11. Great comparison! I have tried all 3 as well. My favorite part of the Incoco/Coconut options is that they are not part of a predatory multi-level marketing pyramid scheme. Companies like Color Street encourage women to “invest” and make big promises about income and “opportunity”, but the reality is that 99% will fail. You can find their income disclosure statements online that prove that most people who join to “start their own business” are just funneling money to the top. That’s wat makes it a pyramid scheme. https://stayonthelevel.com/2019/10/01/making-money-with-color-street/

    Check out The Dream podcast for more background info, as well as Sounds Like MLM but OK Facebook group for more info about why Color Street and other MLM companies should be always avoided. Even if you like their product better, it’s a more ethical choice to choose to buy from a regular business — yes, even Walmart is better.

    1. Multi-level marketing companies are a perfectly good option. The reason why most people don’t succeed is because they don’t put in the time and effort needed, as with a ‘real’ job. Color Street specifically DOES NOT make promises about income, and they are very open with average income at each level.
      Pyramid schemes are illegal. If Color Street qualified as a pyramid scheme, they would have been shut down already. The difference is nobody needs to pay a fee to join (they have to buy the starter kit but it comes with necessary business supplies and 13 sets to start your inventory), and stylists do not make money when they recruit someone, they only make money if that person sells, AND they also continue to sell. In a pyramid scheme, you just recruit, recruit, recruit then sit back and make money.
      I think it’s unfair for you to form an opinion on MLMs without doing your research, so here’s an article for you: https://www.leadmlmsoftware.com/difference-between-mlm-and-pyramid-scheme/#:~:text=Difference%20Between%20MLM%20and%20Pyramid%20Scheme%201%20Multi,Final%20Remarks%20About%20MLM%20and%20Pyramid%20Scheme.%20

  12. I love the article and I’ve used color street before it was really popular for all the different nail styles. But then my stylist at the time stopped selling them. I would buy the incoco brand from Walmart, I would get the glittery French manicure set. They were great for in a pinch, color street though is my absolute favorite and the stylists I have now are great, I’m in 3 color street groups, lol! Favorite color street are the holiday sets!!!

    1. I really want to try another Coconut set from Walmart because other people have seemed to like them. I think I just got a dud. There was also an Incoco French manicure set I want to try that was in Walmart. Thanks for sharing your perspective on how they work for you. I’m sure it’s a bit different for everyone.

  13. I only use Incoco strips. They fit my budget. I have used the French Manicure strips several times. I can go 3 weeks without them coming off. As the nails grow out, I use clear polish towards my cuticles and for the white area, I use some glitter polish to make a line to fill in where you can see my actual nail underneath. Honestly, I think I could have gotten 4 weeks out of them.
    Haven’t tried the Coconut brand.

    1. Good to know! I do want to try the Incoco French Manicure because I had great luck with the french tip Color Street set I used. I’m definitely going to give them a try now. Thanks for sharing with us!

  14. My first time using the nail strips and I love them. I actually bought Incoco brand at Ulta and I love these. They only had 2 different colors available so I bought both. The one I tried first is the silver glittery one. I still have these on today and it’s 2 weeks today! No cracks nothing wrong other than nail growth which you really can’t tell the way they are a bit clear at the cuticles.

    1. The Ulta by me wasn’t fully stocked either. I had planned to go back but then the store was closed because of Covid. I just haven’t gone back since they re-opened.Thanks for sharing how they’ve worked for you. Everyone’s nails are different so it’s great to hear how the nail strips work for other people.

  15. Just the thing I was looking for! I bought XX Brand of nail strips and loved it. It was very easy to apply and it lasted 3 weeks before regrowth made me take it off. If it wasn’t for the regrowth I bet it would have lasted longer. I can no longer find XX Brand locally so I bought the Coconut version. I was disappointed! First off, it stinks! It gave me a migraine! I tried to put one on my nail and it looked like the one on your finger. It was thick and not pliable at all. If my finger nails were flat, maybe, but it wasn’t going to go on any of my nails. My XX Brand was very pliable and stretchy. No way possible for it to even crack. So, IMO coconut is a bust.
    My friend tried the one that just said Inococo on the package. She said it was pliable and went on nicely. I saw it and it looks nice. I am curious to see how long it lasts her and if it is like my XX Brand, uncrackable. She did say the smell was pretty strong though. (The XX Brand did not smell at all)

    1. I’d love to know the XX brand if you’re willing to say. haha. Don’t feel obligated though. I was pretty disappointed with Coconut brand for sure. I was so wanting it to work so I could just pick up a set when I’m grocery shopping. Oh well.

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